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About the Sustainable Conferencing Inititative

Welcome to the Sustainable Conferencing Initiative’s website. The Initiative was launched in October 2020 by The Company of Biologists to provide guidance and support on the sustainability of events. We are also here to offer insights on technologies that can be used for virtual and hybrid events. 

Our main aim is to facilitate the discussion of sustainability issues and new technologies in our community. On our website, you’ll be able to read relevant blogs, best practices and case studies, and find information on how to set up a sustainable event.

Here is an overview of what you can find on this website and how you can get involved. If you still have questions please contact us.

Our pages 

  • Blogs: We’ll be posting blogs on environmental sustainability and social responsibility in events, on new technologies that can help our community interact virtually, and about issues that may arise.  
  • Resources: Information on platforms, tools, and apps can be found here to help our community make informed decisions regarding event organising. 
  • Events: Here you can find a calendar of our events.
  • Grants: As part of our Initiative additional funding may be awarded to organisers.  

How can I get involved? 

  • Comments: You can add a comment at the bottom of a post. 
  • Like posts and comments: You can choose to like or dislike a post or comment by simply clicking the thumbs up or thumbs down icon at the bottom of each post/comment. 
  • Drop us an email: We are always keen to hear from you. Share with us any ideas, thoughts, or experiences by just emailing us

Our Blog

Our Blog was created to share information on various aspects of event sustainability and new technologies.

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Updated on 22 February 2023